The Foundation

Why we do what we do?

At the Puig Foundation, we have a strong desire to support culture and knowledge, and promote innovative and creative initiatives capable of generating positive impacts on society. This comes not only from our long history as a family business but also as a way of channeling our social concerns and vision of the future.


The Puig Foundation was established in 1996 and was founded by the Puig family. The family has always wanted the Foundation to be a vehicle for the social and cultural concerns of all its members and generations. For this reason, the Foundation supports and promotes projects with institutions and social entrepreneurs that are capable of having a huge transformative effect on society.

Therefore, since its beginnings, the Foundation has promoted cultural, educational and social projects located mainly in the city of Barcelona. The Foundation is made up of a group of twenty-five organizations each operating within areas of concern to the Foundation and all with the common denominator of the city of Barcelona, the origin of the family lineage and the companies that make up the group.

The Foundation therefore accumulates all the wisdom of its founders while taking on today’s new demanding challenges. To ensure the future of the Foundation, the goal of the third generation of the Puig family is to establish tangible and achievable objectives, while always respecting the values that define the family’s essence.

These new challenges also require a new order in the way the objectives are measured: projects must be transformative, generate improvements or help reverse specific situations. And it is important to emphasize that the Foundation’s role is no longer simply that of sponsor and promoter. It aims to become a benchmark in all the projects it undertakes and in which it participates.

In this way, future generations will inherit a legacy of business success underpinned by a set of social values and leadership capable of generating change, based on excellence, creativity and innovation.

The purpose of the Puig Foundation, based on its values and forward-looking approach, is to protect culture and knowledge, as well as promote innovative and creative initiatives capable of leaving a positive mark on society.


The Puig Foundation, with an unwavering social commitment, carries out a great deal of activity which focuses on responsibility and sustainability. Through projects and partnerships, the Foundation gives back to society part of the income that we generate in the business world.

Our main objective has been to support projects focused on the conservation, promotion and dissemination of culture, education, and the city of Barcelona. Since the Foundation’s beginnings, we have worked in all these areas with dedication and excellence, and not only as a sponsor but also adding significant value to each and every project.

Our priority is to promote initiatives that improve our environment. I would like to point out that today, after almost six years collaborating with social entrepreneurs, we have a more critical vision of how to improve society, and we have developed a model of action capable of improving the lives of a many. For the current generation, this investment in human capital fills us with satisfaction and pride, and we are convinced that it will also do so for future generations.

It is an exciting challenge that we hope will help keep the family united and above all allow us to continue to discover and promote social initiatives capable of generating change through excellence, creativity, and innovation.

I wish to express my gratitude to the work of the institutions and entrepreneurs that have placed their trust in us, whose perseverance is paramount to the success of our mission.

Xavier Puig

Chairman of the Puig Foundation