Program Innovators

Program Innovators

We help boost consolidated initiatives.

The Puig Foundation supports social entrepreneurs who have already established innovative and transformative projects with a significant global impact that encourage positive and lasting changes around the world.

Programs in Spain, Argentina, France and Peru

Proven results

Initiatives with a significant impact on society

Projects that generate lasting changes

Program makers

Program makers

We discover potential talent.

The family’s philosophy, its way of doing things, and its long-term commitment and vision led to the launch of this program which attracts entrepreneurial talent and drives it to generate a positive impact on society.

IBMakers creates a high-value entrepreneurial experience for both young entrepreneurs and for the employees who participate and collaborate in the program as mentors and trainers.

It involves fostering the entrepreneurial excellence of those who carry out innovative social initiatives. It also encourages young people to bring out the best in themselves to contribute positively to their surroundings, enhancing their talent, creativity, and passion to generate positive impacts.

Projects are selected each year with the entire Puig company involved in the process. In the first phase, employees choose the most attractive initiatives, and they then become mentors or trainers of the young entrepreneurs to accompany them towards success.

The program is implemented in Spain, France, UK and Argentina, and year after year new countries are added.


The IBMakers program is oriented to the sustainable development of humanity. The United Nations has established 17 SDGs that underpin development actions around the world with measures to help eradicate poverty, protect the planet and guarantee peace and prosperity for all.

The SDGs are an inclusive agenda that inspires the Puig Foundation through IBMakers to promote projects in this direction.

Do you want to be a Maker?

If you are a social entrepreneur and would like to acquire key training to improve your project, contact us!

Our IBMakers program offers support for one year through the mentorship of top professionals from Puig, thereby ensuring that you acquire the knowledge you need to make a greater social impact.

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